The Macaque Genome: An Interactive Poster

The Macaque Genome: An Interactive Poster

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In a special issue of Science published on 13 April 2007, a group of over a hundred research scientists reported the genome sequence of the rhesus macaque. "The Macaque Genome: An Interactive Poster” was designed as an online accompaniment to this special section of Science, in which five research papers detailed the biomedical and evolutionary insights gained through the sequencing of the macaque genome—only the third primate genome sequenced to date (after humans and the chimpanzee). Using text, images, video clips, and interviews, students can learn about the importance of the rhesus macaque and of comparative genomics to studies of human genetics, evolution, and biology.

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AAAS has created a lesson called The Macaque Genome: Lessons from Comparative Genomics for high-school students as an educational supplement to "The Macaque Genome: An Interactive Poster." The lesson includes a background sheet for teachers that provides more information and resources about genome sequencing and comparative genomics, the evolutionary relationship between humans, macaques, and chimpanzees, and the importance of the macaque to studies of human health and disease. It also includes guiding questions for students that will help them understand the importance of the rhesus macaque monkey as a model organism and what comparing the macaque and human genomes can tell us about human biology and evolution.

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