Lunar Cycle 2: The Challenge

Lunar Cycle 2: The Challenge

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This activity allows you to "drag" pictures of different phases of the moon to their correct places in lunar cycles. There are calendars that include illustrations of the phases of the moon for most days, and the challenge is for you to complete the calendars by filling them with the correct moon phases for all days. A child's voice narrates the activity, providing you with ongoing feedback and guidance (e.g., "Well done!" and "Check for a pattern."). There are three levels in this Lunar Cycle Challenge, and after you successfully complete all three levels you can print out a certificate of completion.

There is also a printable version of this activity, allowing for a hands-on activity where you can manipulate illustrations of the phases of the moon, placing them in the correct sequence in lunar cycles.

For Educators

This interactive can be used to complement instruction on the phases of the moon, patterns in nature, or patterns in general. It would be ideal for students to complete the interactive activity online; however, if you're in a situation with a limited number of computers, you could print the materials ahead of time and have students do hands-on activities. Students also could do a mix of online and offline work, allowing various learning styles to be addressed.

It's recommended that you use this activity in conjunction with Lunar Cycle 1: Calendar.

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