Life Processes

Life Processes

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This resource can help you understand the seven life processes. It features an information section (Revise), an interactive video (Activity), and a Test that explain the seven life processes that every living thing does. The Revise section of the interactive first reviews the seven processes: Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Growth, Reproduction, Excretion, and Nutritional Needs. Then it covers the life processes in more detail through these topics: MRS GREN, Respiration, The respiratory system and ventilation, Gas exchange, Movement, Joints, and Antagonistic muscles. The Activity provides an overview of the seven life processes. The third section, or Test, features an 11-question, multiple-choice test.

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This site is a good resource to utilize when teaching students about life processes. To begin, students should go through all the parts of the Revise section, where they will get more information about the life processes. Then they can watch the interactive video, or Activity. Finally, they can take the test.

In class, you could have students go through various nature and wildlife magazines to cut out two or three pictures of each of the seven processes that living things accomplish. You may want them to focus on animals, plants, or both. Then, using poster board, have students paste these pictures under the appropriate process. Once completed, hang the poster boards throughout the room for everyone to see. If there are any unusual or confusing pictures, encourage students to explain what they selected.

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