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Feed your brain by indulging in one of the many interactive activities found on this delightful site. Learner.org loads quickly, is easily navigable, and its contents are current and compelling. There are humanities, social sciences, and science and math components for all ages. You can easily get to the student interactives by clicking on that section on the homepage. Get ready for a wild ride and learn more about physics by doing the Amusement Park Physics activity. Or you can do any of the other science or math activities, from Geometry 3D Shapes to Weather.

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The Teacher Resources section offers broad topics: Arts, Foreign Language, Literature and Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies and History. Gliding the mouse over any topic reveals a drop-down menu with different grades and age groups. Click on the level you’re interested in to reveal a feast of topics, each one often a complete curriculum on the subject. There are courses for teachers as well.

This site is rich with resources for that you can use to engage your students in various science topics. An example is The Journey North, which engages students in a global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change. K-12 students share their own field observations with classmates across North America.

Another example is Amusement Park Physics, which asks: “What are the forces behind the fun?” It is a good introduction to physics for grades 9-12.

Finally, Dynamic Earth explains plate tectonics, earthquakes, and how mountains are formed. Think your feet are planted on the ground? Think again! The earth is constantly moving. This is an excellent introduction to Earth Science for grades 7-9.

Science Reading Suggestions
K-12 | Teaching Aid
Bobo Explores Light App
3-8 | Interactive
High Seas
6-12 | Interactive

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