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From the people behind the Journey North website comes this free citizen science app to help you track migrations and seasons. You can use this app to share your observations with other students across North America and track the coming of spring through the migration patterns of various species, such as monarch butterflies, robins, gray whales, etc.

The app also connects to the Journey North website, where you can find even more information about the species and seasons you've been observing. At this site, you can read other citizen scientists' sightings and learn about plant and animal species and the seasons.

The app has four main sections, including: 

  • Home - where you can report your observations
  • Camera - which allows you to take a picture of the organism you're observing
  • Maps - show locations where organisms have been sighted
  • My Sightings - allows you to keep a log of your own sightings

Going Further

For Educators

This resource provides you with an opportunity to get your students directly involved in a citizen science project. It allows you and your students to record and submit your observations while you are out in the field. Since the app also connects to the Journey North website, you can use the opportunity to help your students see how their local observations fit into a global context. You also can find activities and lesson plans on the site.

You also can use the app on a more small-scale basis by simply having your students use the observation and camera features to search for and record their sightings of local species and share those observations with their classmates. Or perhaps you could have your students use it to keep track of the increase and decrease in daylight hours from season to season.

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