Invention Education Educator Toolkit

Invention Education Educator Toolkit Photo Credit: Clipart.com.

Launch Tool

This resource provides educators with background information about invention education, as well as suggestions for discussing invention and invention education with students. It also includes suggestions for support within the community.

For Educators

Educators can use this PDF toolkit as an introduction to incorporating various aspects of invention education into their classroom. It includes links to case studies, discussion questions, articles, and guides. Teachers interested in incorporating invention education into their curriculum, as well as invention/robotics/maker club advisors may find this information useful.

The toolkit includes sections on Invention Background, Invention Education, Teaching a New Way of Thinking, PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Adjust) in Life, Failure, Environmental Impacts of Inventions, Maker Spaces, Mentoring and Student Safety, and Mentoring Resources.

Inventing Green
6-12 |
Rewriting the World Water Script: Defining the Freshwater Access Crisis
9-12 |
Mitigating Climate Change through Passive Solar Design
6-8 | Hands-On