Invention at Play

Invention at Play

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This site challenges you to explore, question, invent, and collaborate to make your own discoveries. Adult inventors use skills that children develop through their play, and this site offers four activities to foster these skills. Cloud Dreamer encourages make believe and visual thinking; Puzzle Blocks supports puzzle play and problem solving; Tinker Ball encourages exploration and tinkering; and Word Play focuses on social play and collaboration.

For Educators

Have students play with each of the four online activities. You could make similar materials available to students in the classroom for them to also explore hands on. When students explore hands on and virtually through the computer, they develop the same concepts from different angles. This not only strengthens their development of these concepts, it also reinforces the connection between hands-on exploration and computer-based learning.

Discover Engineering
3-8 | Website
Reel Timeline
3-12 | Interactive
Power Up!
3-8 | Interactive

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