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You can explore three different wetland habitats, or biodomes, including fresh water marsh, salt water marsh, and mangrove swamp, and all the amazing species in them with iBiome Wetland. The app shows you how to create a virtual wetland environment that is teeming with many different forms of life. You can learn the step-by-step development of a biome and also be a part of the process of trying to create one that is balanced.

As you explore a biodome, you are given tasks to perform, such as identifying consumers, producers, and environmental factors for that biodome. You do this by choosing from items floating across the screen, such as plants, animals, or environmental factors, and dragging them to the matching biodome. Once you complete a task, a new species is unlocked and gets placed in a virtual journal, where you can learn more about it. In addition, you can experiment with the biodomes by adding species to see how they affect the balance of the biomes.

One thing to watch out for as you play this game is that the tasks are timed and if you don't complete a task during that time, you "lose" the round and have to start over.

Going Further

For Educators

Because there is not a lot of background information provided in this app, it's best to use the game as a reinforcement tool rather than for instruction. In a unit about ecosystems or food webs, you could have students work in pairs or small groups to complete the tasks in a biodome. If some groups finish before others, they can spend some time experimenting with their biodome. Once everyone has completed all of the tasks, hold a class discussion about the learning experience. 

In addition, you could have kids draw their own food webs using the journal for guidance. Once your students have gone through all of the wetlands, they could compare them using a graphic organizer such as a Venn diagram.

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