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Go on an exploration of what we're made of and how we work with this Human Body app, from Tinybop. The beautiful illustrations and easy navigation invite you to explore six interactive, animated layers of the human body: the skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems. Anything that a real body does, this app does—it eats, digests, smells, hears, pumps blood, gets sick, burps, etc.

To start, you can choose and name your own avatar and use it to go through the body systems, which include a detailed interactive heart, brain, eye, stomach, mouth, and much more. The app makes use of your mobile device's recording and camera features to include yourself in the app. For example, when you go to the eye, your mobile device's camera will show you reflected in the eye's retina. With the ear, you can see how sound travels to your eardrum by either dragging instruments over to the ear to play or by making some kind of sound yourself.

So go ahead and poke, probe, and examine the human body to your heart's desire. You just might learn something in the process.

Going Further

For Educators

The Human Body app would be a great way to introduce the human body to elementary school age kids. The app takes kids on a journey through their insides and uses a series of transparent overlays of different systems, which can be applied and peeled back through the tap of a button. These overlays, and the illustrations, are much like the human anatomy books of the 1960s.

This app can be used to help reinforce the learning goals about the human organism that kids at this grade level should learn and understand. Kids are curious about their bodies. Use this app to capitalize on that curiousity by either allowing kids to explore the app on their own or by providing a more structured activity where they explore certain parts of the app and then engage in a discussion about what they learn.

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