Hopscotch: Coding for Kids App

Hopscotch: Coding for Kids App

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to code and even make your own games? This app allows you to try your hand at coding without having to type text or tricky rules. With this app, you can just drag blocks of code with your finger and learn how to get things to happen on the screen.

To use this app, you will need to set up an account with a username and password. Once in the app, you can choose to make your own project or choose to do one of the 20+ tutorials available on the screen. These tutorials can help you learn how to code different kinds of activities, like make a joystick to use in a game or how to create fireworks. You also could choose to do one of the 40+ coding challenges available. 

If you tap the "X" to get out of this screen, you may go to your own profile screen (panda bear icon). In addition, you should see a grey band at the bottom that allows you to navigate to other parts of the app, like the home screen (home icon), a screen with a bunch of games you can play to learn more about coding (the two mountain peaks icon), the activity screen (lightning bolt icon) and the what do you want to make screen (plus sign icon). 

Going Further

For Educators

This intriguing app has a lot of educational potential for your students. You can use the app to introduce your students to computer coding and to improve their critical thinking skills. It can be used with beginners as well as more experienced coders because students aren't locked into completing specific levels before moving on to more advanced concepts. In addition, the Hopscotch website has a section for parents and educators where you can find a series of digital lesson plans that you can download.

Organization 2: My Computer Folder
K-2 | Hands-On
Patterns of Communication
3-5 | Hands-On
Communications Technologies
9-12 |
Computer Composer
6-12 | Audio
Technology at Home
3-12 | Interactive

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