HIV and AIDS: The Science Inside

HIV and AIDS: The Science Inside

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Part of The Science Inside series which presents science information in an easy-to-read format, this booklet helps to explain what doctors and scientists know about the HIV and AIDS epidemic. It summarizes what HIV and AIDS are and what happens when HIV becomes AIDS, including the health problems that can result. The e-book explains how the diseases are spread, what groups suffer most from them, how they may be prevented, how they are treated, and what the latest research reveals. It also looks at the AIDS epidemic from a global perspective. Additional resources, a bibliography, and a glossary are also included.

For Educators

All of the booklets in The Science Inside series can be used to help students build important health literacy skills, such as understanding important preventative health measures; understanding basic health information with a goal towards utilizing it to make appropriate health decisions; and understanding national and international public health and safety issues. This booklet can be particularly useful when studying the immune system: the first chapter provides a good introduction to the functioning of the immune system and how viruses, particularly the HIV virus, can attack your immune system. It also can be used to provide background information on HIV/AIDS when using the National Geographic Xpeditions lesson plans, The Spread of AIDS and Africa’s Struggle with AIDS.

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