High Seas

High Seas

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This resource will help you learn about waves and their behaviors. All waves share certain inherent characteristics that you can learn about by clicking on numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 in the lower-right corner of the resource. The first screen provides definitions for different parts of the wave, including the crest, trough, wave height, wave period, and wavelength. The second screen provides information on normal wave action. The third screen provides information about how the wind affects waves. And, the fourth screen gives information about what determines how big a wave will eventually become.

For Educators

The information on this site is applicable to classroom lessons taught in mathematics and physics. The information includes inherent characteristics of waves and their behaviors. Although there are no mathematical or physics equations in this activity, there are ones that apply to waveforms. This site can be used as an enhancement to classroom lessons as a light-hearted activity. In addition, students could be asked to write a paragraph about what they found the most interesting about waves.

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