High Blood Pressure: The Science Inside

High Blood Pressure: The Science Inside

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Part of The Science Inside series which presents science information in an easy-to-read format, this booklet explains what health professionals know about high blood pressure or hypertension, one of the leading causes of heart disease and stroke. It shows how to prevent high blood pressure, as well as how to care for yourself if you have been diagnosed with the disease. Additional resources, a bibliography, and a glossary are also included.

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All of the booklets in The Science Inside series can be used to help students build important health literacy skills, such as understanding important preventative health measures; understanding basic health information with a goal towards utilizing it to make appropriate health decisions; and understanding national and international public health and safety issues. The first chapter of this booklet can be used to supplement instruction on the normal function of the cardiovascular system. Since high blood pressure is affected by diet and exercise, the booklet also can be used to provide context and background for the study of health conditions and how they are affected by both heredity and lifestyle choices. It also can be used to help reinforce the importance of nutrition and exercise in maintaining one’s health.

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