Greek Vase Painting Project

Greek Vase Painting Project

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This project, created by an archaeologist and a ceramicist, is multidisciplinary in nature and introduces students to Greek vase painting and culture. You “become” ancient painters and create an image, using realistic tools and techniques, in both Red and Black Figure painting styles. You should learn about the context of vases used in Greek dining rooms and the range of images of daily life and myth that decorate the pots.

This resource includes four downloadable PDF documents for you to use. They contain an overview of the project, step-by-step instructions on how to carry out the project, questions that will help provide a structure for your write-up of your project, and guidelines for writing the final description of the project.

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The project is appropriate for students studying ancient civilizations, visual arts, ceramics, classical languages, gender studies, and mythology. It provides students with a hands-on experience that should improve their understanding of how ancient people used their own know-how and technology to create useful and decorative objects. This activity would enhance any lesson on ancient civilizations, particularly ancient Greece, and daily life. This resource would be especially useful in helping students develop an understanding of the interrelatedness of technology, culture, and environment.

There are seven downloadable teacher documents that consist of an overview, suggested approaches for a general discussion, the significance of Greek vases and vase painting, a list of style markers for the Archaic and Classical periods, a grading rubric, and two bibliographies.

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