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Gravity Launch is an app where you try to get a spaceship to its destination. In the process, you learn about how gravity can affect objects. In this engaging game from Science NetLinks, you start off as a novice space pilot where you have to pass some basic flight tests. You do this in Get to Orbit and Land on the Moon. In addition to these two missions, you can try your hand at the Easy, Intermediate, Advanced, 2-Player, and Free Play missions. Each mission has four levels to challenge your piloting skills.

To begin, you may want to go to the Settings and select the color for your ship trail. You also can add or remove users.

To play, you can select a game by tapping one of the missions and then tapping one of the games within the mission. To get your spaceship to its destination, use the dials marked Thrust and Launch Point to adjust where you want your spaceship to go. Tap on the Launch button and see if you were right!

This app also offers an About Gravity section to help you learn some more about the force of gravity.

Going Further

For Educators

This app can be used to enhance any lesson or unit on gravity and forces. It is probably best suited for use in the main part of a lesson to allow students the opportunity to see how the force of gravity can affect the trajectory of an object in space. You may want to closely monitor students as they do this activity to ensure that they understand what it is they are trying to achieve. You can ask guiding questions to assess student understanding. The interactive also could be used at the end of a lesson as part of an assessment.

The 2-Player feature could be a fun way to engage your students in a little friendly competition. Or, you could even encourage your students to do the Free Play to see what kinds of designs they can create.

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