Gravity and Black Holes

Gravity and Black Holes

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This is a supplemental teaching resource for exploring the concepts of gravity, black holes, and related topics from the Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum. It is intended for grades 9-12. The activities and guiding questions serve as a starting point for integrated lesson plans, which culminate in an activity that requires you to devise a creative description of a black hole. Included are excellent activities centered around guiding questions about gravity, forces, and black holes.

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When designed, this resource was targeted to students in grades 5-8. While advanced middle-school students may be motivated by the activities, the concepts in the lesson related to Newton's laws, gravitational force, and the theory of black holes are better suited to benchmarks in the 9-12 grade levels. The presentation of the materials can easily be adapted by high-school teachers for use with students at that level. The Content Resource Document section provides excellent information for the teacher as well as key vocabulary in both English and Spanish.

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