Graph Skills For Introductory Economics

Graph Skills For Introductory Economics

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This tool provides a pretest for you to assess your graphing skills before embarking on an introductory course in economics. The test consists of 26 multiple choice questions relating to graphing. There are two versions available for you to use: a self-scoring version that can be done online and a paper-and-pencil version to be used if you don’t have JaveScript on your computers. After completing the test, hit the “Check” button to check your score.

For Educators

You can have your students take this test before beginning a unit on introductory economics. This test also could be used as part of a lesson where students need to use graphs—to help check for their understanding—or even as part of an assessment on graphing.

If they do not fare well on the test, they can go through a tutorial that consists of an introduction to graphs, equations and graphs of straight lines, and linear and nonlinear relationships. Further paper-and-pencil review tests are provided.

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