Genetic Science Learning Center

Genetic Science Learning Center

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The Genetic Science Learning Center is a great place to visit to explore and learn about cells, heredity, DNA, genes, natural selection, etc. The Learn.Genetics part of the site is geared to students, teachers, and the general public. It delivers educational materials on genetics, bioscience, and health topics. 

The homepage is divided into three main sections: Basics, New & Popular, and a section that highlights a variety of topics, from genetic technology to the new science of addiction. The site uses videos, animations, and interactives to help you explore the different topics. There also are hands-on activities to help you explore things in more detail. For example, there are instructions on how to extract DNA and observe the activity of proteolitic enzymes in your kitchen. 

Going Further

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In addition to the Learn.Genetics part of the site, you can make use of the Teach.Genetics section, which has resources and information aimed at helping you bring genetics, bioscience, and health alive in the classroom. It is meant as a companion to Learn.Genetics and offers additional tools and resources to support your curriculum. For instance, you can choose to use the site's Print-and-Go™ activities, which are PDF-based resources that are designed to extend student learning of topics covered in Learn.Genetics.

Teach.Genetics also provides unit plans and other supporting resources, such as talks by scientists with expertise in genetics.

Gene Puzzles
6-8 |
Cracking the Genetic Code
9-12 | Website
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
9-12 |
Color-Coded DNA
6-12 | Audio
Becoming Human
9-12 | Interactive

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