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Food Chains

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This activity will help you learn about food chains. In terms of food chains, you will learn about producers, consumers, predators, and prey. In terms of the classification of living things, you will learn about plants, animals, vertebrates, invertebrates, and habitats.

The resource has three sections to it. The first section provides information about food chains and is itself broken into three parts: Animals and Plants are linked by Food Chains, Producers and Consumers, Prey and Predators. The second section allows you to identify living things. The third section is a quiz.

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This site is a good resource to utilize when teaching students about food chains and the classification of living things. To begin, students should move through the first section by selecting the "Next" icon to read about food chains. When finished, students can select the "Play" icon to go to the interactive where they should choose the living things on the screen. Finally, students can take a quiz where they are asked a series of ten multiple-choice questions.

Have students find an example of a food chain from any magazine source(s). Next, they should cut out the food chain and paste it on poster board, where they should include information, such as who is the producer, consumer, predator, and prey. Students can then research the food chain and share with the class any information they think is relevant (e.g., habitat, invertebrate, or vertebrate) about their chosen plant(s) and animal(s). Encourage them to use visual props, charts, and diagrams to help explain their food chain.

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