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The EyeDecide app is quite impressive on a technical and scientific level. You can view the eyeball literally from any angle as well as with or without skin and bone. The viewing angle can be changed very easily just by directly touching the eyeball (on the iPad) and rotating it with your finger. You also can shrink, expand, move, or annotate the eye in almost all directions. Another movement available is the eyeball itself using a green button in the upper-right corner, which gives a realistic view of the anatomical movement of the eyeball itself. The eye can be viewed with and without the notation of the parts. The notation can be helpful but it is all or nothing, so it can be overwhelming in the full view without the skin and bone where all muscles, nerves, and arteries are exposed. However, in this mode, it was the most fascinating to go around the eye 360. 

Going Further

For Educators

This app can be very useful in conjunction with a unit on human anatomy. Since students have the ability to rotate the eyeball, see it in cross section, and see it in an expanded form, it could be used to replace an anatomy lab. It also can be used in the classroom as a reference (especially since it also has a tab for specialists in your area using the map feature in iPad), for presentations or for part of a lecture if you have the AV adaptor for iPad, and also to explain conditions to relatives or patients.

The app contains different optic disorders where you can see what someone with macular degeneration actually sees using a provided picture and the camera on the iPad! This feature is helpful and it is something that cannot be done in an anatomy lab. 

EyeDecide is most appropriate for use with the upper grade levels due to the anatomical terms. If you stick to the pictures, however, you also could use the app with younger students. 

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