Exploring Nonverbal Communication

Exploring Nonverbal Communication

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This resource gives you a chance to learn more about nonverbal communication. It is actually an introduction to a video series on nonverbal communication that was produced by professor Dane Archer at the University of California at Santa Cruz. The website offers quizzes that you can take to test your ability to read nonverbal cues and further reading on the following topics covered by the series: Personal Space: Exploring Human Proxemics; The Human Body: Appearance, Shape, and Self-Image; A World of Differences: Understanding Cross-Cultural Communication; The Human Face: Emotions, Identities and Masks; The Human Voice: Exploring Vocal Paralanguage; A World of Gestures: Culture and Nonverbal Communication; and The Interpersonal Perception Task.

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The information in each video includes enough information to allow you to create questions to spur spirited discussions among students. Questions could include: "How close should someone stand when they’re talking to you?" (Personal Space) and "What is an 'ideal' body type in American culture?" (The Human Body). Students also could refer to Chimpanzee Behaviors (see below) to compare and contrast human and chimpanzee nonverbal communication.

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