Exploring Caves

Exploring Caves

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Exploring Caves is an interdisciplinary set of materials on caves. The resource centers around an online book divided into five chapters. For each chapter, there are accompanying materials and lessons. Also included are special sections on these topics: cave types, cave animals, cave care, and America's caves.

For Educators

Exploring Caves presents concepts from five scientific disciplines: earth science, hydrology, mapping, biology, and anthropology. Detailed lesson plans suggest ways to address these ideas to very young students. Be sure to emphasize to children that this is a fictional story and that stories sometimes give animals attributes that they don't really have. (See Benchmarks for Science Literacy, 5A The Living Environment: Diversity of Life (K-2) #3). Ask them to give an example from this story. (The obvious answer is the talking bat.) You can also reinforce concepts in benchmark 6D The Human Organism: Learning (K-2) #1 by asking students to note which senses the characters will need to learn about the thing found in caves.

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