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This resource from Entry Point! provides access to several publications about students with disabilities and the career paths open to them. Entry Point! is a program of the AAAS offering outstanding internship opportunities for students with apparent and non-apparent disabilities in science, engineering, mathematics, computer science, and some fields of business. The publications are available online. These publications include:

  • "The Problem Solvers: Education and Career Paths of Engineers with Disabilities" captures strategies that have enabled people with disabilities to pursue study and succeed as engineers with the goal of creating a cadre of engineers and scientists whose disabilities serve to enhance rather than limit their potential and contributions to society.
  • "Thirty Years of Changing Lives: The AAAS Project on Science, Technology, and Disability" documents the changes in legislation, technology, and programs that have influenced the education and career advancement of persons with disabilities in STEM fields.
  • "New Career Paths for Students with Disabilities" suggests five key areas that future disability legislation, policies, and initiatives should focus on.
  • Roadmaps & Rampways chronicles the journeys of three dozen students from childhood to higher education in science, engineering, or mathermatics.
  • "Guide to Telephone Interviews" offers tips for preparing for a phone interview. While this is specifically written for Entry Point! students, it is generally useful to anyone seeking employment or internships.
  • "Guide to Making the Most of Your Internship" offers tips for preparing for an internship, what to expect during it, and tips for concluding it and making future career plans. While this is specifically written for Entry Point! students, it is generally useful to anyone seeking employment or internships.

For Educators

You can use these publications to help your students explore career opportunities. Students can use the publications found on this site to learn more about the career paths they might be interested in and the factors that can help them succeed in following their career goals.

Information on this site can be linked to topics in history, scientific inquiry, technology, and mathematics. These publications are useful not only from a historical perspective of how far people with disabilities have come in the field of science but also in terms of inspiring all students to explore science further, to move beyond their comfort zones, and to strive toward their goals regardless of hurdles that may seem insurmountable. This resource can be used in any unit where students are studying the type of work carried out by scientists. Encourage them to read the publications and to discuss the information in them. They could come up with examples of qualities of the scientists themselves that made them successful.

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