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The Energy Time Machine is a site that presents the history of energy from 500,000 BCE (Before the Common Era) up to 2006. You can use the time machine to search by: Category, Date, or Random Search. If you search by category, you will have seven categories from which to choose: Efficiency, Electricity, Fossil Fuels, Misc., Nuclear, Renewables, and Transportation. Searching by date will take you to a screen with a timline that goes from 500,000 BCE to 2006. Finally, doing a random search will take you to a screen with information about an important energy event in history.

Update: EnergyQuest and its Energy Time Machine now reside on the California Energy Commission's Energy Archive. The site still seems to be operating. It does use Adobe Flash, which will be phased out by 2020.

For Educators

This site has all the information you could ever want to know about energy! Since everything we do is related to energy in one form or another, the possibilities of how students can use this site are endless. A great way to use this site is for individual students to do a research project that includes information such as what year was a form of energy used, what technology was developed to use this specific form of energy, and how it affected our society. The information on this site is related to topics in biology, chemistry, and/or physics. Specific topics covered in the timeline relate to different forms of energy such as electrical, biomass (energy from plants), geothermal, fossil fuel (coal, oil, and natural gas), hydropower and ocean, nuclear, solar, and wind to name a few.

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