Economics Interactive Tutorials

Economics Interactive Tutorials

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This resource, created by Samuel L. Baker of the University of South Carolina, consists of 13 interactive tutorials on economics: Total Cost, Variable Cost, and Marginal Cost; Marginal Cost and the Price-Taking Firm's Optimal Output Rate; Average Cost and the Break-Even Output Rate; Demand; Elasticity; Elasticity II; Supply, Demand, and Equilibrium; Monopoly: Marginal Revenue and the Profit-Maximizing Price and Output Rate; Discounting Future Income; The Internal Rate of Return; Perils of the Internal Rate of Return; Risk; and Risk Aversion and Insurance.

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These tutorials are a good way to introduce students to basic economic concepts. They can be used to supplement introductory economics lessons. Students will learn the basics of economics using the self-guided interactive tutorials. They progress through 13 lessons by reading the information and then answering questions, which are handled by Java applets. The answer applets generally have two parts: a box students can click on or write in and a box for the reply to the answer.

Belonging to a Group
9-12 |
The Fish Trade
9-12 |
Population Dynamics
9-12 |
Thinking About Segregation and Integration
9-12 | Website

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