Discovering Ardi

Discovering Ardi

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Discovering Ardi is a series of six videos (each between one and four minutes) that chronicle the discovery of Ardipithecus ramidus, or Ardi, in Ethiopia. Content covers the excavation of her bones to the rendering on paper of her reconstructed image. In addition to these videos, there are two more play lists that discuss how Ardi was excavated and the study of hominid evolution. The third play list covers Ardi and her role in human evolution.

Visitors to the website also can access the Ardipithecus Handbook, which is an interactive guide to Ardi that complements the videos and offers in-depth information about her discovery.

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The content in this resource can be used in several ways. For example, if you have a SMART Board in your classroom, you could pull up the site and go into the Ardipithecus Handbook section where your students can view a timeline and map of the Middle Awash region. You can click on the red dots on the map or on the timeline to pull up information about various fossils found in the region.

You could continue to use the SMART Board to go through the rest of the resource or have your students explore it on their own. Encourage students to visit all three sections to discover how Ardi has changed scientists' earlier understanding about hominid evolution.

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