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Discover Engineering

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This engaging website is designed to introduce you to engineering. It includes a section with brief career profiles of various engineering career paths, but the real fun is in the videos. Featuring kids engaged in activities that illuminate key concepts in engineering, these videos showcase the work of engineering in a dynamic and exciting format. For example, one video covers the biomechanics of skateboarding; taking real kids on a field trip to the Etnies Shoes headquarters where they learn how engineers (who are also skateboarders) use science to design shoes that help absorb impact and minimize injury. Another video takes a group of kids to Disney World to experience how Disney engineers transform kinetic energy into thrilling roller coaster rides. All of the videos feature a related hands-on activity that will help you enhance your understanding of the science concepts involved.

For Educators

This site is particularly effective as a career exploration for students because its engaging presentation brings engineering to life and emphasizes the excitement of innovation. Perhaps the most effective use of this site would be as a resource for self-guided exploration for students. However, as a springboard to inquiry-based projects in the classroom, teachers can show the featured videos to the class and then conduct the related hands-on projects, all of which feature inexpensive and easy-to-find materials.

Science of a Tsunami
6-12 | Video
Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum
3-12 | Website
Science Update: Spotlight on the Brain
6-12 | Audio

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