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DiscoverE is a way for engineers to help you discover the exciting worlds of engineering and technology. One of its stated goals is to relate practical applications of math, science, and engineering to the world around us.

The site has several different sections that can be helpful. They include:

  • Zoom Into Engineering Activities: A list of hands-on activities available as PDF files.
  • 2011 Activities: The most recent hands-on activities specifically for elementary school students.
  • Grade-level Activities: A list of hands-on activities by grade level.
  • Activities Archive: A compendium of all activities from past years.
  • Teachers: Information for teachers about National Engineers Week.

For Educators

This resource can be used to help your students discover engineering. The materials available on the site range from information sheets about engineering and other science topics to hands-on activities that are either written for students or for educators. The activities range from engineering a bridge to polishing pennies. The age ranges vary as well.

Your Carbon Diet
6-12 | Interactive
Lemelson-MIT Program
K-12 | Website
Tesla: Inside the Lab
6-12 | Interactive

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