Periodic Table of the Elements

Periodic Table of the Elements

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This Periodic Table of the Elements, from Making Science Make Sense, features a very colorful and intuitive interface. As you interact with the table, you see brief descriptions of the elements. Rolling over an element displays information about its atomic number, weight, room temperature, and common uses. Clicking on the element provides information about the element's history and materials in which it is commonly found.

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This interactive effectively engages students and helps achieve the stated goal of helping "science make sense." The site can be used by individuals or groups and provides useful information for students in grades 3-8. Students can explore the content on their own. You also could use the interactive table to help students learn more about the elements. There are a couple PDFs available that you can download and use with your students. You may want to stick with using the PDF of just the periodic table, though. The full guide version doesn't really add much information.

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