Animals: Facts, Pictures, and Videos

Animals: Facts, Pictures, and Videos

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Animals from National Geographic Kids provides a lot of information about a variety of wildlife and habitats. It provides factual information about animals through photographs, video clips, audio clips, and maps.

You can investigate the animals in a couple different ways, either by type of animal or by where an animal lives. You also can sort the animals on the main page by popularity, newest, and oldest. Once you've chosen an animal to learn more about, you can click on it. The page about the animal provides an overview of it as well as its scientific name, family name, habitat, range, endangered status, classification, life span, and diet.

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After students have had a chance to explore the site, ask them to choose one attribute by which they will create one group of animals (animals that have four legs, can fly, live in cold environments, etc.). Students can access the various options of resource to gather their information, and then write a report about their animal group.

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