Coral Reef Adventure Fun Zone

Coral Reef Adventure Fun Zone

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This resource is part of a larger site on The Coral Reef Adventure, a film that follows the real-life adventures of ocean explorers and underwater filmmakers, Howard and Michele Hall. It has several different activities that you can do. You may want to start with the “Memory Game” beginner unless you know an unusual amount of information about coral reefs. In this case, you can play the expert level where you will match the name or phrase with a picture.

To begin, you should click on the GO! icon on the “Memory Game” and then again on the GO! icon on the pop-up screen. The beginner version requires you to match alike pictures. You should click on the images to find the matching pairs. As you click on an image and then click on another, the previous image goes away if it's not a match….so you need to remember where you clicked on each image.

Once you find a matching pair, you need to click on one image and then click on its matching image to keep the matching pair on the screen. You should continue this process until all the images are found. On the bottom left of this screen there is a “Move” counter that keeps track of how many times you click on an image. If you want to try again to achieve a better score, then you can start the game over on a new screen. There are other games that would be suitable for playing after you learn more about coral reefs.

For Educators

The information on this site correlates well with topics taught in biology, specifically those about living organisms in the ocean. This resource can be used to widen students’ knowledge about various plants and animals that live in coral reefs. Have students do a research paper and a poster board presentation about a topic regarding the coral reefs. Either you or the students (depending on the grade level) can go to the top of the Coral Reef Adventure page and click on “Learning About Reefs” and then select any of the top four options to get ideas of what to research. If students select the topic, have them get your approval first before they begin the research project. For the poster board presentation, have students use drawings or pictures, diagrams, and/or charts. Once the students have done their research project, there are several other games on this site they would probably enjoy playing on their own time.

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