Contributions of 20th Century Women to Physics

Contributions of 20th Century Women to Physics

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This website contains descriptions of important contributions to science made by 83 women in the 20th century. These are documented by the original papers in which the discoveries were first reported. In addition, there are historical essays and other historical documents not easily available elsewhere. The archive can be browsed by the name of an individual woman physicist or by using the site’s search engine. The site includes an annotated photo gallery and links to other resources that refer to the featured physicist’s work.

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The introduction to this resource answers the question, why aren't there more women physicists? This can help to provide an interesting context for discussing how barriers to higher education and employment in laboratories prevented woman from making more contributions to the history of science. These issues are discussed further in the article Overview on women's education in England and the United States 1600 – 1900. The ideas presented in these essays can provide a launching point for students to consider how the attainment of civil rights by women has contributed to society.

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