Conflict in the Modern World

Conflict in the Modern World

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This module from the Making the Modern World website examines the role that conflict has played in the making of the modern world. It examines how conflict has affected our relationship with technology. Using animated tours, timelines, and essays, various historical perspectives are presented that cover the period from the 18th century to the present.

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This resource can be used in a social studies class to help students develop understandings of how technology has had an impact on human conflicts. In some cases, technology has been used as a weapon in conflicts that involve social, economic, or political disputes. In other cases, the technology itself becomes the source of the conflict. Studying historical conflicts can help students recognize that technology has magnified the consequences of conflict, as well as the significance of conflict resolution. In physical science classes, the resource can be used to reinforce the connections between science, technology, and society. It also would be useful to provide examples for students to consider risks and benefits of technology.

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