Colour and Camouflage

Colour and Camouflage

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This interactive activity allows you to check out different types of camouflage that an animal can use to protect itself depending on the habitat in which it lives. In this resource, you can choose one of three habitats (background colors): plains, jungle, or tundra, as well as whether to be a predator or prey. Then you can try out different fur colors, patterns, and shadings to determine which work best (allow for greatest survival) in the different habitats.

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Encourage students to explore the great variety of combinations of fur colors, patterns, and shadings for each habitat. In addition, encourage students to create a variety of "successful" combinations for the different habitats and to explain why the camouflage is successful.

This resource would be very useful to use as a complement to units or lessons on the interdependence of life, evolution, or survival strategies.

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