Changing Illusions

Changing Illusions

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Changing Illusions is an interactive that contains five illusions. These illusions show how certain patterns trick our eyes and brains. Some of the patterns are made up of circles while others are made up of lines. It is up to you to decide if any kind of adjustment needs to be made to the pattern in order to fix it.

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Students will be able to experience these illusions by trying to make adjustments on various patterns. They will be able to adjust the size of circles on some illusions and they will be able to select line positions on other illusions. Have students choose one of the optical illusions and write down why they think this pattern confuses their eyes and brains! Remember, their speculation is as good as any because even the experts don't agree on why this happens! This activity may be used as an enhancement to classroom lessons surrounding the human senses, particularly vision.

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