Center for Desert Archaeology Exhibits

Center for Desert Archaeology Exhibits

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This resource, developed by The Center for Desert Archaeology, consists of online exhibits that illustrate key concepts in preservation archaeology and the prehistory of the American Southwest and Mexican Northwest. Current exhibits that you can view are From Above: Images of a Storied Land (Adriel Heisey's Chaco Image Gallery); Pieces of the Puzzle (an examination of what happened to the Hohokam people); Peopling of Americas (a review of evidence of the earliest Americans from southwestern sites); and Virtual Southwest (an exploration of immersive virtual models of ancient places).

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The images on this site can be used to enhance lessons on anthropology or archaeology. They are excellent for showing students how archaeologists go about their work. They also allow students to see the types of items that can be found at an archaeological site and what a dig may look like. The Virtual Southwest section allows students to take an online tour of various southwestern sites. Peopling of the Americas can be used in any lesson that explores how the New World was settled.

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