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CELLS alive!

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This site is a feast for the young cytologist's eyes! Detailed cell diagrams, 3-D models, and animated cell cams allow you to learn about cell structure and function in a colorful environment. Along with the visual effects in CELLS alive!, the accompanying information is presented in an accurate, concise, and easy-to-understand manner. The site is easily navigated, with many links tying together related concepts. The diagrams of the plant and animal cells are especially useful. You can see the similarities and differences while learning about the anatomy and physiology of the organelles. Another fascinating feature is the "Cell Cam," which provides you with the opportunity to watch the progression and reproduction of different types of cells over a 24-hour time period. After you navigate your way through the site, you can take the "Challenge," a five-question quiz covering topics touched on throughout the site.

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Younger students will find the site useful for getting a visual image of cell properties and structures. Older students will benefit from the discussions on a range of topics from bacteria growth to cell division to antibody production. You should be careful with the feature at the end of each page entitled "Want to Know More." This feature allows students to copy and paste key words from the previous lesson into a search engine to accumulate more information. A good idea in theory, but you should carefully examine these links before using them as a classroom tool.

Cells 1: Make a Model Cell
6-8 | Interactive
Cells 2: The Cell as a System
6-8 |
From Cell to DNA
9-12 | Video
6-12 | Audio

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