Careers in Sports and Exercise Science

Careers in Sports and Exercise Science

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This resource, created by Science Careers to coincide with the Athens Olympics in 2004, highlights a variety of careers related to exercise and sports science. Three articles introduce the field of sports science and provide examples of how scientific innovation and technology are used by elite athletes, their trainers, and coaches. Profiles of nine diverse exercise and sports scientists highlight the range of work done by these individuals. And finally, information on specialized training in the field is provided.

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This resource would be of interest to students interested in pursuing a career in exercise and sports science. It also would be a way to motivate students with a special interest in athletics to both understand the role of science and technology in athletic performance and perhaps to consider pursuing further study in these disciplines. A wide range of disciplines are covered in the articles in this resource including sports psychology, exercise physiology, sports equipment technology and design, and sports medicine. Another article that can be used for follow-up is The Science Behind The Olympics from Popular Mechanics. This article highlights some of the physical science that underlies many Olympic sports.

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