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You will have fun experiencing the various dynamics of building robots. There are five different Tech Lab Modules that you can access and within each Module there are one to three robots you can choose to build. Tech Lab Module One introduces three robots that can help you learn the very basics of robot building. Tech Lab Module Two contains the next generation robot that is programmable and is smarter than its predecessors. Tech Lab Module Three includes two robots that are equipped with sensors and remote-control technology to help them avoid troublesome obstacles. This latest robot-building assignment shows you how to assemble basic circuits and how electric components are represented on a circuit diagram. Tech Lab Module Four allows you to design and download your very own computer program to control your robot's movement. You can create the main routine that tells the robot how to move and what to do when this intelligent robot gets caught in a corner. Tech Lab Module Five has two new robots. You can choose one to put together and then find out how scientists and engineers are using the science of bio-robotics to create new robots on the move.

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Students should begin with Tech Lab Module One and continue through the Modules in numerical order. They can choose to do all robots in each Module or they can just work on one in each Module. To begin, students should select the “Go” icon to enter the Module. If there is more than one robot to choose from, students should select the robot they want to build by selecting either “html” or “flash” next to the “Go” icon of that robot. The directions are self-explanatory within each robot-building activity.

This site is an excellent resource to utilize when teaching students about almost any aspect of physics. In addition, it is a great resource to help students learn about the fascinating technology of bio-robotics. Have students research and write a paper about a topic they select (per your approval) relating to physics. Then, at an assigned date, have them teach the class about their topic. Encourage them to use visual props to help explain their topic.

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