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The Bug Club

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This site, produced by the Amateur Entomologists' Society in theUnited Kingdom, is a great introduction to insects and entomology, the study of insects. The home page introduces the Bug Club and provides links to their magazine, insect-related events (mostly in theU.K., with a few overseas locations listed), caresheets for those who want to keep insects as pets, “Fun and Games” for insect-related activities, and information on their annual meeting and trade fair.

The site is chock-full of interesting activities and information for young entomologists, including coloring sheets, how to construct a “pooter” (an essential bug-hunting device), online insect games, insect fun files, conservation, and biodiversity and biological recording. The site also includes detailed information about and photographs of many insect groups to help with identification, as well as an online forum for sharing information and a place to upload photographs. This is a great, easy-to-use website that really makes insects exciting and worth exploring.

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This is an excellent site to teach the basics of entomology and how to identify insects. Students with a passion for these six-legged creatures can delve as deeply as they want into the identification and classification of insects. The site is kept up-to-date, with all the links tested in working order. The only drawback is that the site hails from the United Kingdom, so it does not list as many resources in the U.S. as teachers might hope.

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