Books about Women in STEM

Books about Women in STEM

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This article from Science Books & Films features highly recommended books about women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The resource is broken into two categories: Books for Children and Books for Adults and Teens. Women in a diverse range of fields are profiled in these books, and the selected titles excel in presenting their subjects as complex and multi-dimensional individuals who faced and overcame a wide variety of challenges. It covers women working in all areas of STEM, from human cells to the universe, and should be a useful resource to anyone interested in learning more about how women have been involved in these fields. 

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This resource can be used by you and your students to find books to help them understand and appreciate the role that women have played in STEM. You can use these books to help supplement your own lessons on particular scientific concepts, or use one of several lessons Science NetLinks has that utilize books from this list (see below). Students also could use this resource themselves to find books to help them with their own reserach or just for pleasure.

April Pulley Sayre: Science Explorer
K-2 |
Jean Craighead George: Unsentimental Naturalist
6-8 |
Temple Grandin
6-8 | Video
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
9-12 |
4000 Years of Women in Science
6-12 | Website

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