Books about Invention and Innovation

Books about Invention and Innovation

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This PDF list of engaging books for all ages centers on the theme of invention and innovation. To help readers find the right books, we've included titles that tell the inspirational stories of great inventions and inventors, as well as ones that help readers develop tools and skills that can help them light their own creative sparks and think like inventors! You'll find books on everything from the inventors of the Super Soaker and earmuffs to do-it-yourself projects to histories of American superhighways, the toilet, and technology corporations.

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Compiled by the editors of SB&F, this list of books aims to get kids interested in invention and innovation. Divided into two sections, one for younger students and one for teenagers and adults, the list includes something for everyone. Use this list to help match kids with a book they'll love.

Some books focus on inventors—both kids and adults—and familiarize their readers with both the famous, such as Edison, Ford, and Tesla, and those whose names aren't household names, like Frederick Jones, who invented the refrigerated box truck. Other books focus on a particular invention or innovation, both successes and failures, such as the the Brooklyn Bridge, the Ferris Wheel, or an alarm clock that throws you out of bed. And yet others offer hands-on activities to get kids thinking inventively or highlight useful knowledge, like biomimicry or the use of touchpads.

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