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Bobo Explores Light App

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Bobo Explores Light takes you on an exploration of light through the use of an interactive e-book. The app introduces you to 21 light-related topics such as lasers, reflection, refraction, photosynthesis, bioluminescence, aurora borealis, and the human eye.

But you might be wondering why it's called, "Bobo Explores Light." Bobo is a robot that guides you through the book and gives you more information about the different topics. It has a holographic projector on its antenna that can show you the working structure of scientific objects and physics phenomena–in interactive 3D.

In each section, there are videos, articles, animations, and trivia that should help you learn more about a light topic.

Going Further

For Educators

This app would make a good supplemental resource for students in upper elementary school or middle school. The app is a visually appealing e-book and should engage students enough so that they want to move from one chapter to another.The activities are self paced and could be used as motivation activities at the start of a unit or even as extension activities. There also are hands-on activities scattered throughout the e-book that you could try with your students.

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Hot and Cold Colors
3-5 | Hands-On
Light 1: Making Light of Science
6-8 |
Light 2: The Lighter Side of Color
6-8 |
Light 3: All Those Seeing Color, Say Eye!
6-8 |
Life Light
6-12 | Audio
6-8 | Interactive

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