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BioEd Online provides educational resources for educators, students, and parents for grades K-12. The site was developed by the Baylor College of Medicine and provides useful, accurate, and current information and materials that build upon and enhance the skills and knowledge of science educators.

There are several useful sections on the site, including:

  • News: This section provides current news from a variety of sources, including Nature News and Baylor College of Medicine. Many of the news articles have accompanying content.
  • Courses: This section is where you can find free, interactive courses designed for science educators and other life-long learners seeking to increase their knowledge of key scientific subjects.
  • Lessons and More: You can find lessons, teacher guides, slides, videos, and supplemental materials that can be downloaded for use in your classroom in this section.
  • Videos: BioEd Online's science video library includes content presentations, lesson demonstrations, professional development, and a lecture series featuring experts in biology, genetics, space life sciences, and more.
  • Slides: This section provides slides that are free to use and can be downloaded individually or in sets to create customized presentations. They cover science topics ranging from algae to zoology. Slides in each slide set contain annotated speaker's notes, references, and keywords.
  • Library: The library contains student storybooks, magazines, supplemental teaching aids and materials, and other items integrated with teacher’s guides and lessons found on this website.

For Educators

You can use BioEd Online as a source of material for life science lessons for your classroom. The material is aligned with the National Science Education Standards to help you determine how the resources can fit into your curriculum. In addition, your students can make use of the news and video sections on their own to learn more about various life science topics.

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