The BioDaVersity Code

The BioDaVersity Code

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The BioDaVersity Code video is a spoof on The Da Vinci Code that provides important information about the web of life and our impact on it. It follows forensic zoologist Robert Penguin and agent Sophie Minnow as they work to solve the mystery of who killed a polar bear. As the two work together to solve the mystery, they discover that it has a connection to the priory of species.

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The information in this lively video is given in an entertaining manner. For middle school, the video would be a good introduction to the web of life. There is also a link that discusses the web of life and the effects that various things like global warming, the disappearing rainforest, and the destruction of the coral reefs have on the web. 

You could use the main video itself as a motivation for a lesson on biodiversity, the web of life, or sustainability. While the "Learn More" section no longer functions, the "Take Action" section offers suggestions for getting students further involved in the subject matter.

Ecosystem Services - Water Purification
6-8 |
Marine Sanctuaries
6-8 |
Preserving Health through Biological Diversity
9-12 |
Using Field Notebooks for Biodiversity Study
9-12 | Hands-On
Artificial Wetlands
6-12 | Audio

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