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What do electric eels, chocolate chips, roller coasters, or flamingos have to do with math? You can find out by playing Bedtime Math, an app that helps make math a fun part of your everyday life. It does this by presenting the math problems as stories that tie in to real-world scenarios.

You can choose the Math Problem of the Day, Explore to view one of its 400 additional math problems, or Surprise, which randomly gives you a topic to discuss and follow up with a math problem. Each math problem has three levels ("Wee Ones," "Little Kids," and "Big Kids"), and many also have harder questions ("The Sky's the Limit") for really big kids, grown-ups, and anyone who's feeling brave!

In addition to the math problems, you can get help by tapping on the "?" and you can control the sound effects, special animations, and anonymous auditing by going into the settings icon.

Going Further

For Educators

Even though this app is called Bedtime Math, it can be used anytime of the day to help increase student engagement in math. Since the math problems in this app are based on stories, using them with your students would be a good way to help them work on their word problem skills. The questions are developmentally appropriate and get progressively more challenging depending on the student's age.

Although the problems are designed as a way to facilitate "mental math," it's also perfectly acceptable to use pencil and paper, or a whiteboard and markers as well. In addition, there is a Bedtime Math website where you can find more ways to encourage your students, and their parents, to realize that math is a part of their everyday lives.

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3-5 | Hands-On
Finding Satisfactory Solutions
6-8 |
Mathematical Proofs
9-12 |
Powers of Ten
9-12 | Interactive

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