Beating the Odds: Remarkable Women in Science Booklet

Beating the Odds: Remarkable Women in Science Booklet

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In this resource, students can read anecdotes about women from around the world who are currently working in a variety of science fields. The mini essays discuss the various hurdles these women have faced—from overcoming disabilities to juggling motherhood to challenging cultural norms that said they were inferior to male scientists.

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These essays are useful not only from a historical perspective of how far women have come in the field of science but also in terms of inspiring all students—regardless of gender—to explore science further, to move beyond their comfort zones, and to strive toward their goals regardless of hurdles that may seem insurmountable. This resource can be used in any unit where students are studying the type of work carried out by scientists. Encourage students to read the essays and to discuss some of the stories. Invite students to explore commonalities between the women’s stories and what helped them to overcome hardships. Encourage students to come up with examples of qualities of the scientists themselves that made them successful.

A PDF version of this booklet also is available.

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