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The BBC Science site is an eye-catching site that is full of science content. It’s well designed, with interesting headlines and photos inviting further investigation. Explore the solar system, learn more about your brain, catch up on the latest science news, or, if you want to study a topic in more depth, you can go to Open2.net.

Many of the headlines refer to television shows from the BBC and are only available in the United Kingdom. Some have links to BBC radio programs. More, but not all, of these are available. A news feed gives the latest science news from around the world. The content changes as broadcasts change, so frequent visits are advised. The site does include articles as well, so there is plenty of information for those living outside the UK.

There are links to other BBC sites, including Nature, with everything you’d expect and then some from the people who brought us the exquisitely photographed and documented Planet Earth series.

Going Further

For Educators

Some of the programs are in process, and so can be especially interesting in a classroom. 23 Degrees, for example, is about the tilt, orbit, and spin of earth around the sun. By studying coral rings, scientists discovered days used to be short and the spin of the earth faster. At this writing, the program is still in the process of being filmed, with new information and photographs shared in a blog.

The Human Body and Mind features interactive games as well as articles about all aspects of the human body. Place skeletal bones in the right place. Do the same with organs, muscles, senses, and the nervous system.

Open2.net is a link to the BBC’s Open University, another rich resource for classrooms and life-long students.

As noted in the description of the site, the programming changes, so frequent visits are recommended.

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