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This site helps you learn about the conception and development of various baby animals. You can click on "breeding" to get some basic information about the different factors that determine the breeding period. You can then click on the breeding calendar and maneuver through all the months with the orange arrows on each side. The calendar has various animals listed in their correct breeding time. You can click on an animal to bring up information on that animal's breeding season, number of babies in a litter, and weaning time. Next, you can click on "gestation" to receive some basic information about the development of the baby. You can then click on the gestation graph to see how long each baby takes to develop from conception to birth. Again, you will navigate through this graph using the arrows on each side of the graph.

For Educators

The information on this site focuses on classroom lessons taught in biology. This resource can be used to widen students' knowledge about various animals in terms of breeding and gestation. Students can write a paper regarding the similarities and differences between animals (this will be approved by you). They can pick animals that have major differences and they can include other relevant information.

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