Apogee's Rocketry for Educators

Apogee's Rocketry for Educators

Launch Tool

While Apogee Components is a commercial website devoted to rocketry, the company’s founder is passionate about offering a thorough list of other sites in addition to Apogee’s own videos and lesson plans. If you plan on teaching or learning about rocketry, this is a good website to start with. Users can find information quickly by using the site’s search engine. There are links to the company's e-zine on model rocketry and rocket model kits as well as information on space-faring rockets, the science and modeling of rockets, and the profession of aeronautical engineering.

Going Further

For Educators

Are you planning on leading a class in building a model rocket? There’s a section devoted to it, with links related to getting started, design, construction, launch and flying tips, payloads, and rocket recovery systems.

There is technical information, including rocket motion, rocket propulsion and stability, predicting the altitude, rocket simulation software programs, rocket aerodynamics, and science fair projects.

For many educators, the completion of a model rocket is the end of the unit. With Apogee’s site, the building of the rocket can be the beginning of more in-depth learning about space, physics, mathematics, and design.

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